Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Preaching again!

Paul was pleased to have the opportunity to preach on March 15th for the first time since his heart attack on December 1st. He shared his journey these last 3 months and the many good things God is teaching him. If you'd like to hear that message, Life Defining Moments, you can go to and click on the earphone graphic which will take you to a page where you can listen to or download past sermons.

On March 22nd, the Associate Senior Pastor, Craig Hasselbach, preached to allow Paul some turn around time and then Paul preached again last Sunday, March 29th continuing in the book of Ruth where he left off on Sunday, November 30th. Unfortunately, this week he's been down with a nasty cold but, Lord willing, he hopes to preach this Sunday, April 5th, and the 3 services on Easter Sunday, April 12th.

After Easter, we look forward to heading down to the desert sunshine where Paul can rest for a couple of weeks and where we'll have a chance to see my and Paul's family. We'll return the first week of May when Paul hopes to preach again, Lord willing. ;)

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