Saturday, April 25, 2009

Arizona Sunshine

We are currently in Yuma, Arizona enjoying the warm sunshine. When we first arrived, the car thermometer read 107! Today, though, it is breezy and about 87--truly a gorgeous day. We're near the Colorado River and can walk along a trail that weaves through cactus, native foilage and trees. The desert is in full bloom--it's restful and each day Paul increases strength. Thank you for your encouragement, support and prayers.

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  1. Hi Nancy and Paul!!
    Just thought I'd pop in and say HI, and enjoy that sunshine!! It is glorious here in Vancouver, the wind is blowing the cherry blossoms around like white snow! They are covering the ground, making it pristine and pure:) It feels like a Fall day where the wind blows warm on those fading days of summer!
    Jim and Wylie leave tomorrow for Sudan - both very excited to get to work!! I'm sure Dr. Congdon is also eager to get a crew going again. The other two men sound like they'll be a great asset as well. Pray that the synergy between the four will be sweet and profitable!

    Blessings, and enjoy the sun!! Claire