Sunday, March 15, 2009

March--Door to the Future

Recently, I felt like it would be helpful to know how these next months would play out, so to expedite the answer, I decided I would just knock on the Door of the Future. The waiting room was full--seemed I was in good company. They called my name and I walked into a room where I laid my mental plans for the coming days on the table. I then sat and waited for God's endorsement. Naturally, I tapped my fingers and looked at my watch because this always speeds things up.

While I waited, I heard muffled voices in an adjacent room, "Your prescription to know the future may be filled for either 7 days, 31 days or 52 weeks. You will see both the good AND the bad. Be aware that side effects will include sleeplessness and anxiety."

"Do you have anything without side-effects?"

"No, I have nothing that guarantees the absence of side-effects; however, the side-effects are proportionate to the individual's level of T-flow. There is a heart analysis that can measure this."

A florescent bulb flickered and buzzed overhead as I strained to hear more. I couldn't make out what T-flow was and I was not interested in going through tests, I just wanted God's endorsement so I could get on with all the other things I wanted to do. I fidgeted in my chair and looked around restlessly. Outside the window, I spotted a robin sitting on the fence top--so content. I wondered why a bird-brain had such a bad rap...

Finally, a technician entered my room. I explained what I wanted: A view of the future without the side effects of sleeplessness and anxiety. I acknowledged that I did not know my T-flow and asked if there was an over-the-counter test I could purchase that would measure it as effectively as the heart analysis. He said there was actually a home-test that was natural, organic and cost effective because it eliminated insurance companies.

He handed me a pamphlet, "Understanding Your T-Flow" and explained that if my T-Flow measured low on the index, I could follow a daily health regimen so that a 52, 31 or even a 7 day prescription for the future would be unnecessary.

I thanked him for his help and as he was leaving, I opened the pamphlet.

T-Flow is released by the inner cardio-muscle, trustisamust maximus. Daily exercise strenghtens the muscle and increases the flow of Trustzyme, a protein enzyme that fortifies the heart and mind. For optimal Trustzyme-Flow (T-Flow), a health regimen must include:

  • AHW 24/7 Hydration--Acknowledge His Ways 24/7 Hydration is fundamental for maximum T-Flow. Drink throughout the day 24/7. Intravenous drip is optimal. ISBN-PROV3:6

  • Walk daily. Wear WalknHim cross-trainers that are rooted, built-up, established and grateful. ISBN-COL2:6-7

  • BAFN Oil-- Take PHIL46 with AHW 24/7. Recommended dosage: 1440 tsps. daily and Be Anxious For Nothing. ISBN-PHIL4:6

  • Soak in ROMpson 828 salt each evening. ISBN-ROM8:28

I looked out the window. The robin stirred and flitted off--so free.

I rolled up my plans and walked out the door.

"Look at the ravens. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds! Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?" Luke 12: 24

Saturday, March 7, 2009


These past 2 weeks, as some of you may have heard, Paul has been meeting with staff and elders to prepare for his re-entry. He will not resume his full pastoral responsibilities quite yet, but he will return to the pulpit to preach this March 15th, Lord willing! He has a lift to his step as he looks forward to being in the service again with you. You'll hear more about his preaching schedule and plans for re-entry at that time.