Monday, January 5, 2009

January 05, 09--It Takes Time

We met with the cardiologist today to evaluate how Paul is doing and to review the results of the nuclear adenosine stress test. The test showed that he had good blood flow to the heart and that the heart was functioning well in light of the coronary heart disease and the sluggishness of his right ventricle.

He encouraged Paul in his efforts to slowly increase his exercise but reminded him that an injury to the heart is significant and requires time and patience and that it's best to resist pushing too hard in order to avoid losing traction in continued recovery. He reiterated that heart attacks of this nature are life-altering events and that the process of recovery takes time--at the very least least 8-10 weeks of concerted rest before re-entry and about a year for heart recovery.

Overall, the doctor was encouraged by the progress Paul has made since he first saw him in the hospital a month ago. They will meet again at the end of January to re-evaluate his health. Until then the daily activities will include rest, exercise and more rest.


  1. Nancy,
    Thank you for the continued updates on Paul, and just know that Paul,You and the rest of the Jackson family are in our continued prayers. We ask that God would wrap His loving arms around you all as you take one day at a time with Pauls recovery. God is an awesome God and we know in Gods timing... Paul will be healed 100%. That is our prayer, as we stand together to lift Paul up in Prayer.

    Mike and Patti

  2. Hi Nancy, I was just ready to write you to find out how Paul and you all were doing, so thanks for the timely news. Many continue to pray for Paul and you here in Haiti. We'll pass on the update. I know it's hard for Paul to have to rest and not be as active as he'd like. We'll pray for patience for you both and for some good reading and some interesting projects that don't require physical efforts. Blessings in this new year! Bruce & Cindy

  3. Thanks for the updates guys! We've been praying for you both and look forward to see how the Lord works through this as you continue your total dependency on the Lord - 2 Cor. 12:9
    David and Sheri Moore

  4. Hello Pastor Paul and Nancy. We heard of your heart attack through my brother, Jeff. You have been in our thoughts repeatedly. Even though we see you seldom, every other year at best, you are dear to us. Nearly twenty years into our marriage, we are ever thankful for your influence. We are praying, along with countless others, for a full recovery for you. Your congregation must miss you terribly. Thank you for this update. I was wondering how I might get a message to you, and then...tadah!
    Joel and Heidi Smith

  5. Dear Nancy and Paul,
    We are encouraged by the report and appreciate the update. We continue to pray for a complete and speedy recovery, great doctors to facilitate the recovery, and if snow creates a smile like that...let it snow! We love you all. Would a good ol' game of "Forty-Two" fill in some empty time with smile? Would love to see you again soon.
    Much love,
    Steve and Shannon

  6. Hi Paul and Nancy,

    So glad to hear progress. I prayed for you both today. Remember to follow doctor's orders--even though you may think you're strong enough to do more! We need you!

    Shirley for both of us

  7. Dear Pastor Paul,
    I was really sorry to hear about your heart attack but I must say you picked the perfect time to have: Just be a big snow. You can be assured that no one was going to ask you to shovel. We miss you here at Glenwood but know that Brian and Craig are taking up the slack with good sermons. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you and your family.
    Mary McDonald( the big lady who sit on the left side front aisle when you are looking out at the congregation. )